Martian Magazine Headquarters
Martian Magazine Headquarters

What is this crap?

This is a webcomic, starring Foxford the Fox and McBearski the Bear as they have many misadventures with an assortment of colorful characters.  Although not always, sometimes it’s random

Meet the Characters

Some characters may be reoccurring.  If they show up often enough you can find them here with a brief explanation


professional bear

Sometimes called Bearsky.  Has acquired a taste for whisky and cigars.  Can pull almost anything out of his hat, if the plot demands it.



A Fox with a monocle and bow tie! What’s not to love? Enjoys globe-trotting adventure!

Timothy Barrett

Diversity Hire

I brought him on as an intern to prove to everyone I’m not racist.  Honestly this whole thing has gotten a bit awkward now, I’m not sure what to do.